Based on the success of Industry forum we had since the past 1.5 years, we want to invite you to collaborate on a grand and unique event we want to organize jointly with all of you.

LIMIT-X is an online event called ‘International Industry Forum’.
Theme: Leadership, Innovation, Management, Intrapreneurship and Technology Xpansion
Format – TEDx like sessions of 15 minutes for each speaker

Audience: Anyone interested in technology and management – Students, professionals, researchers, policy makers, tech leaders, etc

The format is to have as many chapters across countries to participate.

What’s in it for you?

Engagement with you chapter members, membership growth, visibility for your speakers with international audience. Visibility for your chapters too with revenue for your chapter.
Also, the event will be priced as per your local prices. All the registration fees will be kept by the respective chapters.
Virtual conference session will be organized centrally and hence no additional costs expected to be spent by the participating chapters.

For participants:

All the registered participants can participate throughout the session listening to all the speakers across the globe by other chapters.